Three years and counting

Orkha turned three today. Like toddlers with their natural curiosity, we have been trying to learn plenty of things, at least one bit at a time, over the past years.

Sometimes we stumbled and fell down. Sometimes we tried to bite off more than we can chew and ended up failing, but that’s not enough reason to stop doing things we’re passionate about: design.

It seems like it was only yesterday that we launched our old website and felt so happy and proud of it, but over the time we feel like we have changed and improved (again, who doesn’t?). There are adjustments here and there in our team and service. Our small but fun and talented team have grown so much that we have slowly shifted our focus to a bigger idea—something we never thought of in early days. We’d been given opportunities to work with many amazing local brands and clients and we’re grateful of it. After giving it a careful consideration, however, we think it’s the right time to take one step ahead to reach out to a wider audience. While staying true to being a team specializing in illustration and branding, we also wanted to be a solid and professional team that’s capable to help build brands and to be a cost-effective, reasonable, and risk-free alternative for fast-growing small business and startups.

To so achieve, we have been busy preparing things we need to sail farther and farther: bigger ship, hardworking crew, and better navigation. And today we’re excited to announce that our new web site is up and running. We paid a lot of attention to the interface design of the site and made it both web and mobile friendly for everyone. Please take a look and let us know what you’re thinking.

Along with the site, we also present you the new logotype of Orkha, inspired by 70s geometric shapes. Paying homage to Paul Rand and Saul Bass, we decided to go back to basic to emphasize the craftsmanship and the genuineness imprinted in our work.

These new improvements do not change who we are and how we started, but they represent our hopes and visions for the coming years. It’s been an honour to have worked with every client for the past years. And as always, looking forward to creating more work that does work with you. Here’s to hoping.




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