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February 10 marked the day where our one-of-a-kind illustrator Bella had her mural painting debut. She collaborated with Yujin, a fellow illustrator, in a mural painting competition.Located in a mall in Indonesia, Bella and Yujin showcased their skills in a mural painting competition, attended by more than 10 talented mural artists.

Bella was moving so fast she looked like copying herself.

Bella and Yujin had to finish the mural within six hours, and despite having little experience in mural painting Bella managed to finish it on time. Hats off.

When asked about the overall concept, Bella giggled, “Frankly speaking, we have no concept. The committee said we need to draw something about the city we live in, so we draw whatever popped into our mind.” She continued: “Yujin initially drew two boxes that represent buildings, and I said ‘Whoa that looks great! Let’s do it that way.’ So here goes.”

The final result. Dopeness overload.

Yujin, an illustrator with a whopping 4,000 followers in Instagram, said: “I wanted to collaborate with Bella after looking at her work, and I’m glad I asked her. It’s fun working with her.”

Yujin and Bella posing in front of their mural.

The result reflects bears the imprint of uniqueness of Yujin and Bella’s works—funny creatures in cheerful and vibrant colors—and we really like it. Bella then added, It looks cute. I can’t wait to paint another mural.”

We, too, are looking forward to your next work!

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