Stunning packaging designs and what to learn from them

As part of our monthly Design 101, we take a look at some stunning packaging designs and write down what to learn from them.

Have you ever bought a product impulsively because it looks good on the shelf? We have. Packaging is something we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. So, aside from the quality of the product, creating an eye-catching packaging design that makes your product distinguishable and appeals to the audience will do you great favor in marketing. How to create one that truly works without falling back on clichéd trends? Let’s learn from these packaging design.

01. Doodles add some personality

Doodle is probably the most accessible form of design. Many of us doodle ever since we’re kids and found happiness in drawing whatever we find interesting. Adults and children can relate to doodles, and turns out that they can add some personality to your packaging design. If you want to target youthful consumers in a more approachable manner, give doodles a good try.

(Image via melvas.)
(Image via Jam & Chopped Berries)
(Image via Eggsplosion)

02. Simplicity delivers clear messages

The fact is our eyes get fatigued easily when they’re getting bombarded by cluttered design, so clean and simple designs with no frills are easier on the eyes. Plus, these also enable your packaging to deliver a concise and clear message. It’s true that minimalist design has been around for quite some time, but it will never be outdated or boring as long as you know how to nail it. These designs below focus on one element to get their messages across.

(Image via Blend Station)

Simplicity doesn’t always equal to white and black. You can always add some color and texture.

(Image via Pentagram)
(Image via Siegenthaler & Co)

03. Pastels appeal to your soft side

Many have predicted pastels for 2018 design trends, which means we’re going to see more packaging designs that feature the use of pastel colors this year. It’s only natural that we gravitate more to pastels because they emulate that warm, pleasant and friendly feelings. Contrary to popular belief, pastels can be as powerful as any other colors. These designs below, for example, utilize muted shades combined with some striking imagery for plenty of impact.

(Image via Pearlfisher)
(Image via The Bijou Factory)
(Image via Tenki Patagonia)

04. Bold and eye-catchy typeface speaks volumes

If you’re in dire need of a clear statement of your brand, you might want to opt for eye-catchy and bold typefaces. No, it’s not only about the size; the bigger the font doesn’t equal to your customers’ attention. You don’t want to shout to to them; you want to grab their attention and tell them who you are. These designs below combine bold and legible typefaces with wise choice of colors that create balance, making the products stand out among the crowds.

(Image via Forth + Back)
(Image via M — N Associates)
(Image via New Zealand Mānuka Honey Wine/Liqueur)

05. Patterns and colors pack a punch

Patterns can make a world of difference to your design, and when paired with tried-and-true color palettes, they give your brand a dash of originality. One of the best things about patterns is the boundless possibilities. Patterns can be changed, recreated, combined with other design elements, and used on anything and everything. One thing to remember is that don’t go overboard and always remember about balance.

(Image via Robot Food)
(Image via Misfit Juicery)
(Image via Jola Honey Mix)
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