September roundup: favorite covers by our illustrators

It’s been a couple of months since our last roundup, so now’s right time to do another one. Our illustrators picked their favorite(s) out of the newest kids on the block.

Our illustrators designed all covers with love, but they do have their personal favorites among others. Here’s some of them:

01. Say No to Love – Wiwien Wintarto

It’s hard to resist falling in love with the journey of the lovebirds as well as the new cover for the this 2007 novel. Simply charming.

02.  The series by Stephen Hawking 

We’re honored to do the redesign for Indonesian edition of three Stephen Hawking’s best-selling books: The Grand Design, A Brief History of Time, and My Brief History. The covers are greatly inspired by the wonderful narratives of Stephen Hawking. Check out the details here.

03.  I Want Us – Astrid Tito

The custom typography was specifically made to complement the illustration. It’s as beautiful as it looks.

04.  Dog’s Love – Iwok Abqary

We laughed too hard when reading this. If you see this yellow-dominated cover in the nearest bookstore, please pick it up and tell us if you enjoy it like we did.

05.  Touché the series – Windhy Puspitadewi

We were commissioned to redesign the first book of Touché the series, authored by Windhy Puspitadewi, along with its sequels, Touché: Alchemist and Touché: Rosetta. Let the cover persuade you to get immersed in one of our current favorite Indonesian fantasy novels.

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