Your business might be complex, but your logo shouldn’t be.

Based in UK, Pure is an agency that specializes in optimizing business online, focusing on digital marketing strategy and digital analytic consultancy. 

Sounds like a real headache. But believe us, unlike other digital marketing agencies, Pure works in a simple, integrated, and fun both for the clients and the team. Or to quote their goal: to demystify digital marketing.


Being in the same creative area, we approach this project with ease—in the sense that both clients and us have had the same vision to create an immeasurable impact for the brand. Furthermore, ever since the beginning of the project, the company had had already a clear brief so that we could see how the project was going to unfold.

We were challenged to create a new logo as part of re-brand, and it didn’t take too long before we’re settled for the cyan-colored logo.

The folding paper emulates the initial of Pure.

We also opted to cut “Optimisation” off the logo and go for “Pure” instead in the process. This reduction helps the brand to appeal a wider range of clients across the globe. As an integrated digital marketing agency with a huge emphasis on traffic generation and conversion, being dynamic is a must thing to be for a strategist and consultant. Therefore, we design the logo with something akin to a paper to elevate the core values the agency upholds.

The sleek and clean design of Pure business card.

With varying services offered by the agency, we aimed to create a website that is reliable to deliver all the information without looking too bulky and textbook-ish.

Utilizing white space.

We rely heavily on the white space and a carefully selected color scheme to improve the readability and accessibility of the site both in mobile and web. Supplementing color and image with typographic element results in the new identity of Pure that reflects the simplicity of the agency and all values of working with Pure: a tightly-integrated team with passion.

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