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Crafting your logo: color, font, and impression

With more and more women have become concerned with medical and beauty practices, the demand of beauty clinic has been steadily increasing in the past few years.

When our client, a dermatologist, requested a logo that could show her newly established aesthetic clinic, we were not only challenged to craft one that clearly speaks the identity of the brand that she envisioned, but also how to effectively reach her brand’s target market and makes it stand out in the sea of competition.

The core concept was to combine the initials of the brand, L and B. The problem is how to represent the exclusiveness of the brand and, at the same time, appeal to the target market of all ages? With many competitors aiming the same thing, it’d be a tough sell. In most cultures, many beauty clinics associate the ideas of beauty with flowers or silhouette of long-haired women, but the concept has slowly become ubiquitous and overused. So we absolutely decided to stay away from the visual clichés and started to dig more into the core of the company values to seek something different.

After days of sketching, we came up with some options that each underlines the core ideas of the brand.

Some logo drafts for Elbe Clinic.

Our team paid particular attention to how the logo should evoke some sort of fresh and youthful feeling and appear as an image of timeless elegance, so the solution was to play on the color of the logo and the shapes.

The mark was made of the initials of the clinic and an illustration of a leaf, symbolizing renewal, comfort, and nature. However, to emphasize the exclusiveness of the brand we avoid using green as the main color and go for purple instead. This color scheme, backed-up with a straightforward sans-serif typeface connoting the professionalism, immediately conveys an elegant and vivacious brand character. It’s clean, simple and modern.

Products mock-up.
Biz card mock-up.
Consultation card mock-up.

Since brands in the area of medical and beauty practices should provide a sense of reassurance and safety, appearing clinical but caring is necessary. And for it to deliver the bespoke quality, the design of label, biz card, consultation card, and the logo have to work well together.

One thing we re-learn during the process is that the logo is the heart of the system and it’s got to work with other elements, therefore the choice of color and typography in each medium must be carefully and thoroughly planned. Do you think we pull it off in this one?


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