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Brilliant packaging ideas and tips for small business

Are you in dire need of brilliant packaging ideas and tips for small business? Rest assured fellas, we’ve got you covered. Let’s step up the game.

As a part of our branding 101, let’s discuss about one of crucial elements of branding: packaging. If your business happens to sell physical products, any graphic designers would tell you that an impressive packaging design is the key to impress and connect consumers to your business on another level. Have you ever bought a product impulsively because it looks good on the shelf? Yeah, we have. Aside from the quality of the product, knowing how to make your product distinguishable and appealing to the masses will do you great favor in marketing your newly-established business. A huge one, we’d say.

01. Give spoiler

munch'n raspberries
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the lamp and bee
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You shouldn’t be giving spoilers about movies you watchthat’s a common sense. In design, nonetheless, giving some ‘spoilers’ for your product helps customers relate to your products.

02. Practicality matters

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If your product’s got a lot of competitors, say there’s a shelf filled by cartons of milk of various brands, what’ll you do? Be innovative in how you display it. We really like how the designer  adds a cap that can be opened with one hand and how it improves the functionality and practicality of the product.

03. Stick to the roots

(Images via Maxim Arbuzov)

This packaging takes a modern approach by sticking to the roots, the beehive shape that is. Paired with the sans-serif typeface, this sleek and clean-cut design looks very natural.

04. Use repeated patterns

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It’s true that simplicity is the key. Since people will be visually interacting with your product, however, using repeated patterns in packaging is a good alternative.

05. Tell your story with illustration

Utilize every inch to tell about the stories of your product and make sure the colors are beautifully co-ordinated.

(Images via Together Design)

Oh how we love to feature packaging of cookies and biscuits. This one’s got the real deal. Look at how beautiful the illustration is.


(Images via Keiko Akatsuka)

Designed by Keiko Akatsuka & Associates, this packaging design sporting the bold colors is as sweet as the cookies inside the box. The design won third place in The Dieline Awards in 2016.

07. But sometimes you need to tone it down a bit, though.

(Images via Samurai)

The key is to maintain the balance between the colors. Now that’s fun to watch and delicious to eat.


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