Branding that we like in January: a quick recap

It’s been almost three weeks into 2018 and we’re really excited to see many great branding projects are rolling out this month. Check out some of our favorites below.

01. Russia Tourism Brand Identity

In 2015, the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation and the Association of Branding Companies of Russia launched a competition that attracted 480 submissions. The winning brand identity and its campaign tagline “the whole world within Russia”, was created by a team of designers from four different Russian agencies. It is heavily inspired by Suprematism, one of Russia’s art movements that focused on basic geometric form, and incorporates it into a stylized map of Russia. We really love how the imagery and visuals from the country’s long history, art, and culture turn out.

In the stylized map of Russia, each geometric shape was designed to represent various elements of the country such as famous landmarks, foods, and events.

The choice of typeface and the versatility of geometric shapes are praiseworthy.

Also, the campaign tagline “the whole world within Russia” truly resonates with the inviting visual representation of Russia, a huge country comprising of vast lands and multiple cultures.

The whole world within. (Images via Russia Brand)

02. Dr. Jart+

Dr Jart+ is a South Korean skincare brand that uses advanced beauty technologies and ingredients to create a top-of-the-line range of products. It is said that this brand not only works alongside a team of experts in dermatology, but also with artists and designers to create innovative formulas and effective solutions for all skin conditions.

As a fusion of dermatological science and art (hence the name, derived from the phrase “Doctor Joins Art”), Pentagram’s Paula Scher and team designed the packaging to reflect clinical effectiveness through functionality and style. This color scheme, backed-up with a straightforward Helvetica connoting the professionalism, immediately conveys an elegant and vivacious brand character. It’s clean, simple and modern.

03. Nintendo Labo

Nintendo kicks off 2018 by going back to basic. The latest addition, called Labo, was announced to be a companion of Switch, which has been a great hit in 2017. What’s amazing is that Labo enables users to use turn the Switch into a fishing rod, a car steer, a robot, or a piano through cardboard add-ons, which all have to be built and assembled by hands aka DIY. These accessories are called Toy-Cons and have built-in sensors that are activated once the Switch console is integrated.

We’re instantly hooked up.

Although it might not be a game-changer, it’s actually heartening and nice to see that Nintendo tries to bring back the child in all of us through this build-and-play toy (and the design is really awesome-looking!). Rather than creating flashy consoles with high-tier specifications, Labo manages to combine the fun of digital console and DIY creations to make a whole new gaming experience, appealing to children and adults alike.

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