4 brands that went flat in 2017

Flat design is still on a roll this year. The minimalist design approach highlighting on the usability and the clean UI has been around for years now, and it’s perhaps still going strong next year.

What do people seek in a flat design? Well, mostly because it offers an user-friendly UI. Before flat design, we’re accustomed to the pseudo 3D design—it’s beautiful but it’s never easy on the eyes. Shifting to a simple aesthetic by simplifying icons, logos, website and app design enhances our user experience. It rarely causes confusion because the design is less complex, and therefore is easier to work with.

This year, more and more brands also jump on the flat bandwagon. Some are great and elegantly executed, some are teetering on the edge of the meh line. Check some of them below.

01. Vodafone

The most recent brand to roll out the update for their logo is the British telecommunications company, Vodafone. The new flat logo emphasizes on the red speech mark that’s been a trademark of Vodafone for years, but we can’t help but feeling underwhelmed by how sloppy and plain-looking it looks.


02. Audi

The German automobile manufacturers announced their new visual brand identity that unveiled a major update in logo design. Flattening the rings down to make the logo minimal is a great decision to make the brand look modern and fresh. Aside from the user experiences, we think it’s a great move forward for Audi.

03. Hyundai

Another car manufacturer to jump on the flat train was Hyundai, one of the leading South Korean companies. Hyundai introduced the updated look for their logo this year, done by their in-house design group. The renewed logo is neither drastic nor innovative, but it’s well-thought and crafted that it adds values to the brand itself. We also dig the new typeface.

04. Ubisoft

We generally dislike logos with 3D shading, but the previous logo of Ubisoft was somehow okay. The shading gives off the depth to the logo, and the logo also works great with animation and sorts. The new logo, however, is a complete mess. Imagine seeing this plain-looking, lifeless swirl gets plastered to the company’s new releases—just ugh.

What are your thoughts on it?

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