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3 design trends to keep an eye on in 2018

Many brands have been through rebranding process in 2017. In this post we jot down some trends design to keep an eye on in 2018.

Can’t believe it’s already near the end of 2017. Many brands have been through re-branding process this year. Some of them are impeccable and noteworthy, some others are, well, either mediocre or meh. We have reviewed some of major brands like Dropbox, YouTube, Skype, and observe the trends. The thing is trends can be dynamic sometimes. They’re influenced by a multitude of factors—culture, technology, you name it—and they tend to come and go. And as always, it’s not a bad thing to know where the trends are going to shift.  We notice that this year’s trends aren’t changing so much compared to last year. 2018 trends may not be much of a revelation, too.

01. Flat design

Flat design will still stand strong in 2018. Simple shapes and lines converged or played solo to create solid, lasting marks that are noticeable at best. Not to mention that more elements like text boxes, geometric shapes, and negative spaces are combined to create logos that both look good on screens and are easy on eyes. Flat design is the best choice for a good UI.

Image via Bodea Daniel

Image via John Randall

02. Gradients

The idea is to build a subtle gradation of colors. But sometimes designers can get more creative by combining these fades of colors with shapes/patterns that overlap and/or cross each other and integrate light and shadow effects for a sense of depth. Such combination can create multidimensional logos that can get your brands attention they deserve.

Image via Brand New

03. Typography and letter-stacking

Typography is the unsung hero of design, but wordmark sometimes falls inferior compared to the usual logotype. However, if you manage to give a touch of personality and make it the highlight of your logo, wordmark can be beautiful on its own. Mozilla is one of the brands that manages to pull it off this year.


Image via Mozilla

Image via Brand New


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