2019: strings and tides

There are so many layers to a year. There’s personal things, professional things. It’s a mixture of those things.

But to recap, 2019 has been a year of growth. And by “growth” we don’t mean numbers. While our numbers might have not grown so much, a great part of our growth has been mostly the intangible stuff.

01. Listen & learn

In a field such as ours, it’s easy over-deliver. We started as a small team with small clients. “Delighting clients” once became sort of our mantra instead of delivering works that meet our standards. All we did is to turn things around quickly. After all, it’s the result that matters.

This attitude has not only transferred to our work, but also when we are collaborating with our teammates. As the time passed, we realized that this has compromised the way we communicate with each others.

There were times when it took more than just one’s technical expertise. Talking can only get so far—taking time to actively listen to teammates and working together is much more.

As such, we’d like to approach each project with genuine empathy, patience, and openness. Do we want a place that demands strength and toughness, where the overriding motto is “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen?” or do we want a place where compassion and passion can coexist? We’re sure you know the answer.

02. Transparency

Last year didn’t only bring valuable members on board, but also a great shift in the management. Now that we have more hands on deck, building more transparency between team members is much easier.

A workplace cannot be ideal for all members; but an environment with honesty, understanding and common ground is easier to accomplish. It all boils down to the two-way openness between members, being receptive to respectful ideas and feedback.

As cliched as it sounds, when the understanding of values and plans is on the same page, it leaves a little room for misunderstanding. And hopefully, when it’s all clearer we can build a stronger bond. So this year is the start where we promise to do our best and make each other feel more valued.

03. Milestones

Reflecting back on (almost) a decade’s worth of work, it’s amazing to see that we managed to strive despite the turbulent times. 

There were test-filled years. We had moments that cast doubts. There were also moments when we dove head first recklessly. We’ve gained many but also lost some. In those moments it’s hard to see the benefit or growth that will come.

However, those moments came with a learning: being too preoccupied with “the grind” can burn you out. Another year in, another bar to set. And 2020 will be a year where we set both meaningful personal and professional milestones without the fear of “losing” or “failing” in the eyes of others. Running into roadblocks and slowly getting over them is much better than being consumed with the sense of overachieving. No matter how trivial it is, each member’s milestone will set a clear path for the team.

Nurturing a team is an unrelenting practice of learning, unlearning, and relearning, but we’re more than ready for what’s to come. Here’s to more years of a high-functioning team, solid personal relationships, and exceptional experience for clients.

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